Strength and Capability

OCSPL is an Indian firm but has established an International Reputation for Structural and Civil Engineering excellence for projects in India and Overseas. The firm pursues high technical standards and design innovation that are cost effective. In the Structural Engineering Field, the firm acts as a Consultant to Developers, Contractors, Architects and Government Departments. OCSPL is recognised for Development of Engineering Concept that best responds to the required design and construction condition and gives "Value for Money" to its clients.

OCSPL has a dedicated team of Engineers and Technicians who have the skills and wide experience to undertake most challenging and complex projects. The entire team is thoroughly conversant with all International standards on Concrete and Steel Design like British, American, Euro and Indian Standards.

Why Are We Different?

  • We, at Optimal, take a holistic view of the project. We not only offer structural solutions but we also understand mechanical and electrical services and how the Architecture, Facade and Interior Design get coordinated and integrated with structure and services.
  • We constantly ask ourselves, "is there a better way of doing this?" We empathize with Architects and Clients to understand the project and frame this question in the widest possible contest., challenge assumptions and redefine the problem in an attempt to identify alternate strategies and solutions, we sift through different possible structural solutions and strive to get a structural design which is efficient, sustainable, has speed and ease of construction and has minimum cost.
  • Time, Cost and Quality of a project move independently and also get related to each other in strange manner. Generally Cost increases with Time but Time can be reduced with a different design approach at additional cost. Quality can be improved with additional Cost and Time. Optimal Design is what helps improve all the three factors simultaneously. It reduces Cost and Time of the project and improves Quality.
  • We believe that the final built form should come out of conceptual blending of Architecture and structure and the design must delight simultaneously satisfying end users requirements.
  • Totally conversant with Indian & American Standards.

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