Our Philosophy and Basic Approach

Our Philosophy

OCSPL is an Engineering Consultancy Firm, which makes honest efforts to provide our clients a professional service of uniform high quality providing imaginative and responsible approach to Engineering problems.

Our professional and human policies are as follows:

  • We believe that we are responsible to provide our clients with the most appropriate solution to problems encountered in Design and Construction of the Project. We would be always responsive to the needs of the client without being unresponsive to genuine difficulties of contractors and sub-contractors of our projects. Our Team would endeavour to provide immediate, thoughtful and technically correct response to all problems, which may arise during execution of the project.
  • We are dedicated to the concept of individual liberty inside the framework of an overall professional ethic. We respect the rights of individuals and we believe that individuals working for the company will retain control over their own destiny. We endorse and demand adherence to the higher standards of ethical conduct as promulgated by the professional societies in our field. We are of the firm opinion that Structural Engineers are accountable for the Designs they produce: professionally, technically and morally.

Basic Approach

It is the concept that counts:

  • Innovative and Integrated approach in Choice of Concept.
  • Great emphasis on selection of the most appropriate alternative for the particular project.
  • Optimized Frugal Designs with no wastage.
  • Continuous Review of Designs as they Develop.
  • Value for Money Approach.

OCSPL distinguishes itself from other Structural Engineers in its working knowledge of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Piping and other Engineering Services and Architectural systems and how they work together. Constructability and integration with the other building systems are key to OCSPL's Basic Approach. We believe strongly that clear, complete Engineering Details in the design phase significantly reduce or eliminate problems in the construction phase. The OCSPL team approaches each project by carefully analyzing the owner requirements and architectural design and by suggesting various structural, engineering and cost effective alternatives for its implementation. OCSPL works hand in hand with other members of the design team developing an efficient coordination system to achieve the best possible and most appropriate concepts for the project.

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