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Mr Abhay Ghate, Partner Optimal Designs, receiving National Award for Excellence in Consultancy Services-2006 First Prize from Mr Tejendra Khanna, Chairman, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd... Dr. Uddesh Kohli (left), Chairman of Consultancy Development Centre- Ministry of Science and Technology declared the award on Jan 15, 2007 at New Delhi.

Optimal Designs wins the National Award for Excellence in Consultancy Services 2006- First Prize

Optimal Designs, has been awarded the First Prize for Excellence in Consultancy Services 2006 for their Structural Design of Jumeriah Beach Residence Project – Sector IV at Dubai, UAE.. Consultancy Development Centre, an organization supported by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of Ministry and Science and Technology gave this award with a citation to Mr Abhay Ghate, Partner of Optimal Designs at the National Consultancy Congress held at New Delhi on January 15, 2007.

Optimal Designs is a Delhi based Firm (formed by Mr. Abhay Ghate and Mr. Ramkrishna Joshi) which has established an International Reputation for Structural Engineering Excellence for Projects in India and Overseas. The Firm pursues High Technical Standards and Design Innovations that are cost effective. Optimal Designs is recognized for the development of engineering concepts that best respond to the required design and construction conditions and give “Value for Money” to their Clients.

The Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR) in Dubai is considered to be one of the biggest residential development projects in the World. Optimal Designs was responsible for Structural Designs in JBR Sector IV, which had 8 Towers with heights varying up to 180 meters, connected by a Common Podium having Parking Basements and a Retail Area. This assignment has earned Optimal Designs a substantial Foreign Exchange and a lot of Goodwill. This must be one of biggest assignments done by Indian Engineers in a record time: 50 Lakh Sq. Ft. constructed in Two Years. With the success of JBR Assignment, Indian Engineers have demonstrated that they can deliver international quality design services.

Optimal has won outstanding structural design "ACETECH Alpha Award" in 2016 for design of Formula 1 structures.

The Formula 1 structures are unique in the world. The project consists of Entrance Gate, Pit Building, Entrance Gate, Team Building, Media Centre, Medical Centre and other misc. Buildings. All structures have large spans, no peripheral columns, large cantilevers and supported only on two cores. For Lateral loads, the structures essentially behaved in cantilever mode as the structures were supported only on cores.

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