Shekhar Ghate, Managing Director

Shekhar C. Ghate graduated from University of Bombay in 1977 and completed his postgraduate studies from I.I.T. Bombay obtaining a degree M. TECH. (Structures) in 1980. He has gained over 38 years of experience in his field having worked on many prestigious projects in India, UAE.. Shekhar Ghate brings his extensive experience in Design of Engineering Plants requiring rigorous analysis and detailed engineering design. In his initial years Shekhar Ghate worked with Tata Consulting Engineers and Power Gas. Shekhar Ghate ensures the quality, innovation, material economy and cost efficiency in Designs and Details for each projects scope and requirements. He has extensive experience in the Middle East having worked on Multi-storey Buildings, 400 / 132 / 33 kV Substations, De-sanitation Plants, 2 x 100 Mw Gas Turbine Plant etc. He has considerable expertise in Pharmaceutical Projects, laboratories and Oil and Gas Sector.

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